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Crystal Glass Water Bottle

Crystal Glass Water Bottle

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The Crystal Glass Elixir Water Bottle is here to revolutionize your hydration needs! Transform your regular water into something special with this incredible crystal infuser. You can energize, heal and add nourishing minerals to your beverage thanks to the natural crystals that are encased within the beautiful elixir bottle. Drinking from a Crystal Glass Elixir Water Bottle will keep you refreshed, balanced and inspired – perfect for when you need an extra motivational boost throughout your day. Whether you take it to the gym, yoga class or the office, you’ll have a gorgeous reminder of natural beauty displayed in an eye-catching setting that looks stunning wherever you go. Enjoy every sip knowing it's been processed by some of nature's most powerful elements, encouraging health and well-being with every drop. Refresh yourself in style today with Crystal Glass Elixir Water Bottles!



Material: Natural Crystal Hand-Carved Angel Bottle
Weight: 550g
Energy bottle x1
Black cloth cover x1
White box x1

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